Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Joys of Internet Radio

Have I ever mentioned how much I love internet radio? It's kind of a recent discovery for me, because I live in a cave, and I don't come out of it very often, so I'm generally late on stuff all the kids are doing. Which is why I dress like a Victorian/punk hobo from the 80's. Z has no concept of time. But yes, now I have discovered internet radio, and I love it.

My two favorites would have to be IHeartRadio and Last. FM. Especially Last. FM, because it gives more details about the various bands and songs you're listening to. I have discovered so many awesome bands through this thing...Oh, hold on. I can hear my iPod, Fluffy, crying softly in its docking station.
"Noooo, data overload! I am a mere 16 gig contraption! No more, please!"
 Poor thing. I'm going to have to replace it soon.
 "If you just liked movie soundtracks and Josh Groban like you used to, I'd be totally cool, but you just had to get into goth music and every other musical genre ever conceived by man!"
Shut up, you can retire when I have money.
"I thought you preferred CDs anyway!"
CDs are expensive, you little Steve Jobs spawn! Now be quiet!

Sorry about that. Fluffy is getting a little cranky these days since he barely has two free gigabytes to his name. Can't say that I blame him, but I would kind of like new music. Fortunately, my internet radio stations can sate my everlasting musical thirst for the time being.
Z's glorious art debut on this blog. So yeah, I actually own this one!

The only problem is, when I'm listening to some customized goth station, some odd things sneak in. Dangit, when I listen to goth music, I want to listen to goth music! Not Radiohead! Or when I want wumpity-thump oontz-oontz music, I do not want scream-o.

I do not like Radiohead. I'm sorry. *watches tiny readership shrink even further*

Blagh, in other news, I am sick. Allergies on top of a cold I'm getting over. Boo. But who cares? I don't. I'm boring myself. I'm going to go find food. What's your favorite kind of music? And if it's goth, what's your second favorite? I like metal (even Within Temptation!), classic rock, and random Britpop. And New Age. I really dig the hippie-dippy stuff. Peace out, dude.

Thanks for reading, lovelies and gents!


Celeste said...

Amazing artwork! Not only that, but a comic strip! ...I smell a future career for you...

My favorite music is rock. All the new elctronica stuff just annoys me- I perfer the songs that feature gutars.And drums. And subject matter other than "I so love so and so" or "I'm heartbroken because I broke up with so and so". That stuff gets old fast.

Anyway, I hope you feel better!:)

Celeste said...

I'm nominating you for a [Dark] Sunshine Award!

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm picky about Radiohead, but I enjoy them. And I'm a new follower, and I'm still going to stick around :-P

Awesome comic by the way. I've definitely had those moments too!

And my CATPCHA is "nduular andedu." Thought you'd want to know xP

TwistedPrincess said...

The same thing has happened to me on numerous occasions and it frustrates me to no end. No, for the last time, Nightwish and Marilyn Manson are not goth! *shakes head* Fortunately it never happens while listening to deathrock stations so that's my safe haven :)
I dropped by to let you know I nominated you for the Dark Sunshine Award but it seems Celeste beat me :P